Isaac's Odyssey


Can you get to the party on time?


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Isaac's Odyssey is a short graphic adventure where players control Isaac, a young college student who wants to go to a huge party but locks himself in his room when the door handle breaks.

This story, like many other similar graphic adventures, begins like this, with players having to get out of the room at all costs. You have to pick up objects in the room, piece them together in order to create new objects, and ultimately do whatever it takes to get out of there.

The solution to Isaac's problem is more obvious than you might think. Even though the way out is a little bit complex, you won't need to use a screwdriver (this is a clue!). You just need to look around and use anything you find in the room to your advantage.

Isaac's Odyssey is a traditional point and click adventure that, even though it's short (it lasts about 10 minutes), gives you a fun story and some very charming pixellated graphics.
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